eCycle Solutions of Ohio Business Overview
Ecycle Solutions of Ohio is located in North Canton, Ohio near the Akron Canton Airport. Our principals have a combined experience of over 30 years in the recycling industry. We promote the rapid growing need to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle electronics (3R’s) while being able to be a one stop shop for all your recycling needs, from businesses to individuals alike. If we can't recycle it, we do our best to find you someone who can. We take pride in striving for a ZERO Landfill policy of all products we handle.

Environmental Concerns

Computer monitors and older TV picture tubes contain an average of four pounds of lead. In addition to the lead, electronics can contain chromium, cadmium, mercury, beryllium, nickel, zinc and other hazardous materials. In the US, we scrap about 400 million units per year of consumer electronics, according to Electronic recycling industry experts. Rapid advances in technology mean that electronic products are becoming obsolete more quickly. This, coupled with explosive sales in consumer electronics, means that more products are being disposed of even if they still work.


According to the EPA, Americans generated about 3.2 million tons of electronic waste in 2009. Out of all that e-Waste, only 18 percent of it was Electronic recycling—the rest wound up in landfills or was shipped to developing nations. The country’s growing mounds of electronic e-waste are cause for concern both from a health and environmental perspectives, so it’s important for consumers to properly dispose of unwanted electronics and computers. About 40% of all heavy metals, including lead, mercury and cadmium in landfills come from electronic waste that is not handled correctly. And as our world becomes more and more dependent on electronic products to make life more convenient, the stockpile of used and obsolete electronic products continues to grow. This is where ecycle Solutions of Ohio comes in!


"e-Cycling" is reusing or recycling of these consumer electronics.

"e-Waste" is a term used to describe old, end-of-life electronic appliances and devices.


Businesses allowing us to extend the life of your most up-to-date electronics and working electronics can make you money and save valuable resources. Call us to discuss these options today. Also by allowing us to safely recycle outdated electronics promotes the safe management of hazardous components and supports the recovery and reuse of valuable materials.


Click the "Materials List" link above for a list of "e-Waste" and "e-Cycling" materials we handle.